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what we do

Brissy is a digitalisation office focused on cloud computing and software solution to automate business processes and reduce waste. 


We partner up with the best software solutions in the market and provide implementation and support services.


We also develop custom made software if our available solution is not the best match for your business.


We offer personalised support and training to ensure our solutions are used to their potential to be effective.

How we do it

We offer local and remote services. Whatever works better for you.


We can develop, implement, deploy and offer training for all of our digital solutions remotely through our powerful cloud services. The remote service is cheaper and quicker and it is available if you feel comfortable with it.


We also offer work at your location which is only available in Brisbane at this stage. It is more expensive and less efficient but if that is what you want, we are happy to comply. We will eventually win your trust in remote works.

Digital Solutions

All our solutions are cloud-based and can be managed remotely from anywhere.


Business Tools | Task Management

Digitalise your traditional methods with the latest business and office technologies.


Production Automation

Boosting your efficiency through  process automation and reporting.


Standardisation processes

Simple roadmap to ISO9001 Compliance. Start your journey today!

Why do you need it?

Explore more opportunities

Digitalising your business saves you a lot of time to focus on your core business and expand your opportunities. It will also reduce your operating cost in the long run and improve business processes.


Fully Managed Services

We find the best solution available in the market to your problem and
if we can’t find it, we build it for you.

here is what you find unified in all our service packages.


We offer end to end solutions that are fully managed. That means you don’t have to worry about things such as hosting, downtimes and support. We do all that and leave you to look after your business development.


Brissy Studio is a digital office and our goal is to reduce waste through digitalised tools. Our mission is to streamline as many Australian businesses as possible through simple technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.


With so many solutions available, quality work doesn’t have to be expensive. We do our best to find the best available solution for your problem, that can be easily implemented, and if we can’t find one, then we develop a solution custom to your need. We are here to reduce your expenses, not to add to them.


We offer lifetime 24/7 support to all our customers. Yes, lifetime! That means you get technical and sales support for as long as you are our customer and you have an active service with us. We also have a knowledge base “business hub” which is available to everyone where you can find tons of great information to run your business.


Awesome Task Management Tool

Company-wide task management, project management & collaboration for any organisation.

Easy to setup – Simple to learn.


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