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Top features for effective teamwork

Company-wide task management, project management & collaboration for any organisation.

Manage tasks on Kanban Board

Build a transparent workflow and collaborate on tasks in real time

Plan projects on Gantt Chart

See how tasks relate in time and visually adjust the sсhedules

Monitor progress with Time Tracker

Track the time spent on tasks and gauge your team’s productivity

Performance with Reports

See how you cope with tasks and learn what may be improved

Customise to your needs

Change the dashboard and cards layout to suit your needs.

Work From Anywhere

Login to your google account and manage your team from anywhere.

Kanbanchi is the most highly-rated task management app on Google Workspace Marketplace

How can Kanbanchi help you?

Kanbanchi is a cloud based agile project management software that is designed around Kanban methodology. Kanban is a lean method to manage and improve work across human systems.
It is a simple but powerful tool that can help you do whatever you do more efficiently.

Kanbanchi helped thousands of users around the world to achieve their daily or project goals through its simple and seamless boards. Below is a few applications where Kanbanchi can be useful to a small business.


Kanbanchi boards can be set to manage daily operational tasks and ensure that all involved including teams and resources are working toward a common goal.


Kanban methodology is designed for manufacturing lines by Toyota automotive in Japan. It is designed to reduce inefficiency by improving leanness and communication.

Project Management

Kanban boards are also very useful as a project management tool. Kanbanchi offers Card, list or Gantt views and tons of features such as dependencies and priorities that will give you the power to manage any project.

Daily task management

Daily task management is a common challenge for most business starters especially if you are doing everything. Kanbanchi is a great tool to allocate, schedule and assign tasks so you can get things done on time and efficiently.

Time allocation

Another great feature by Kanbanchi is the time tracker. Time tracker allows project managers to time tasks and runs them against their estimate. Over time that will allow managers to have more accurate measures which result in better planning and execution.

KPI Setup

Kanbanchi also can be used as a dynamic KPI reporting tool. A combination of checklist, priority, time tracker and milestone features can be used to manage your staff KPI and ensure your team is delivering without micromanagement.


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  • Backups
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