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Fully customised software with unlimited power for complete control over product life.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) refers to the handling of a good as it moves through the typical stages of its product life: development and introduction, growth, maturity/stability, and decline. This handling involves everything from development to sales.


Manage all business documents in one system and control who can access and edits these documents.


Manage change to product documents and ensure change goes through the right channels.


Setup and secure business processes for better operation and quality training for new team members.

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Brissy offers a complete custom made web base software to manage your PLM system
with 24/7 hours support platform.


Documents are important.

PLM system manages business documents to ensure all team members use the same document for the same purpose using dedicated document numbers. It will also limit users to change or update document without going through proper channels which ensures business quality and avoid inconsistency in the system. A healthy business can not ensure quality without a proper PLM system in place.

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Changes are important.

Change management is one of the most essential tools, especially for small business. Every change needs to be studied, evaluated and managed before implementation to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. PLM system looks after complete change submissions to ensure they are evaluated before execution and it has been done through the right channel.

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Processes are critical.

Every business foundation is made of number of processes that defines its very existence. A business without proper process mapping is lost and will never have a chance to compete on any level. PLM system is mainly designed to map all business processes and to continuously monitor and improve these processes to reduce waste and increase productivity.

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What can we do to help you

Over the years we have developed a custom made algorithm that can be tailored to different businesses depending on their size and nature of business. This algorithm then developed into a graphical interface that can be managed and used on a web-based platform by your team.


Brissy experienced Six Sigma consultants can assess your business and draw a proposal to help to manage your product life cycle based on your business size and budget.


Our development team then takes that proposal and customise our algorithm to your needs and develop a custom made system tailored to your business size and budget.


Our implementation team can assist you with setting up and implementing this solution including setup, debugging, testing and importing of your valuable documents and processes so you can have turnkey software at the handover.


Once you have your software, our award-winning support team is available 24/7 at your disposal to assist with any issues or challenges that you or your team may have with the system. Our average response time is under 24 hours.

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