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A COMPREHENSIVE yet easy to understand SEO PROCESS

We are a digital transformation agency focused on increasing your productivity through digital tools in all areas of your business. We are not a marketing or a sales team. We are data scientists and seasoned programmers who are determined to help small businesses in Australia grow through digital transformation. So ask yourself, do you need a marketing team or a chatty salesman to make you succeed online?

The answer is no.

You need a programmer who can speak the machine language. You need a data analyst who understands data and makes decisions based on analytics, not intuitions or guestimates. In simple words, you need a team of machine programmers to present you to a machine (search engines) and convince the engine, that you are better than your competitors.

This is the stage where we audit your website and put together a report to evaluate your standing. The audit will test your website for five main SEO factors. Those are page speed, on-page SEO, external SEO, back-Links and domain authority. The outcome of this step will determine how is your website performing regardless of the competition.

A competitive analysis is a strategy that involves researching major competitors to gain insight into their products, sales, and marketing tactics. This will assist us to see where you stand in your market and determine the work that we need to put in to get you ahead of your competition. 

Now that we understand your business and we know your competition, we can put together a killer SEO plan. The plan will include all the details of what needs to be done to get you from where you are to where you want to be with small milestones so we can celebrate your achievements.

Here we are! It is time to walk the talk. We have a good understanding of your business and a comprehensive analysis of your competitors. We also have a killer SEO plan in place. It is time for our SEO experts and engineers to do their magic and transform your website into a lead generating machine.

The monitoring stage starts halfway through the execution phase. We start setting up legitimate monitoring tools from direct sources such as google analytics and google search console on your website to track our work. The process will allow us to see the outcomes of our campaign and note when we achieve a milestone. We will provide you with a weekly report, so you can see where your campaign is heading.

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Our approach is scientific and, we only settle for the best. Once due diligence is done, the SEO end goal is the same for every project and, we have done it many times over and over again. Once we determine your website ranking and position, we know precisely what it takes to take you to the first page of search results for your nominated keyword phrases. We will monitor your campaign throughout the project duration to make sure we exceed your expectation and meet your KPIs. 

Grow your business through search engine optimization.

Search engine optimisation is a long term investment. It helps you establish your place in the market long term and eventually generate leads without spending on paid advertising. It will also improve the overall quality of your website, which means you will provide your customers with a better and much faster experience. From a business point of view, it will also mean long term stability. Investing in SEO make your business sustainable by bringing reliable free traffic of paying customer to your website. That reduces your marketing expenses and increases your sales over time. For that reason, SEO is referred to as the best digital marketing investment in the industry.

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Up to 75% return of investment in the first year!

Research shows on average, search engine optimisation offers 60% to 75% ROI.  

The minimum recommended investment period is six months but the numbers look much better if the investment is extended to 12 months,

It is a long established fact that SEO is the most effective investment as far as digital marketing goes. But it needs to be done right – If it is done right, the return should be evident. It may be small at the start but some growth must be evident within the first 3 months. 


zero to hero

Gameshound is a newly Brisbane based start-up that offers a great range of Boardgames and Tabletop games. They started six months ago (early 2021) and engaged our services to optimise their website. Gameshound has shown 65% growth within the last 6 months. Aside from their great range of products and exceptional customer service, we would like to think that our SEO implementation had something to do with this success.

a fresh idea

Webcheetah is Brissy’s web development partner who offers great business web design plans. Their plans are different and their approach is refreshing. Brissy SEO team assisting Webcheetah with SEO implementation and Google ad campaign to increase their start-up traffic. The outcome we got so far has been outstanding and it is growing day by day. Check out their website to see their conversion tools and what we have built for them to suit their unique approach.

Common Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about SEO

Search engines work by crawling hundreds of billions of pages using their own web crawlers. These web crawlers are commonly referred to as search engine bots or spiders. A search engine navigates the web by downloading web pages and following links on these pages to discover new pages that have been made available.
From there, the Webpages that have been discovered by the crawling process are added into a data structure called an index. Which is also called the indexing process.

When a user searches for something, the Google algorithm uses the keyword used in the search phrase to look into its index data structure and find the best set of quality data relevant to that keyword or key phrase. Therefore when your website is optimised to your target keywords you have a better chance of appearing first for that specific search result.

The process is very sophisticated and complex, however the above should give you a good idea of what search engines do and why search optimisation helps.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better. (explained by MailChimp)

Now, why do you need it? Well, let’s put it this way. If you run a business and decide not to implement SEO on your website, you will lose your online race to your competition (that is 100% guaranteed). Considering the offline market is almost non-existence these days, that is nearly 80% of your new customers. We cant afford that, I am sure you can’t too!

Why do you need to analyse your business online presence?

A correct SEO implementation can be very effective and very quickly using google search console new indexing tool. This means, we dont have to wait for google to index the pages and see the changes. We can now proactively request indexing through the search engine console. Depending on the industry type, the results can be evident in three months. Nevertheless, based on our experience, the best results are usually achieved in 6 to 12 months,

When it comes to selecting a digital marketing partner, four things matter, 

  1. Knowledge – We are a software development company that is actively helping small businesses in Australia to transform their business through digital tools. We have the knowledge and understanding of how digital tools are made and how they operate. We speak the language and play a part in developing the digital future.
  2. Local Support – Not that distance matters in the digital world but the local business understanding does. Australia is a rich and quality-driven market. Many outsource marketers do not understand that as they are not operating in this market. We do. We are a local company with an award-winning support team. We work and breathe in this market just like you and we know what you need to succeed.
  3. Transparency – SEO is a long term process therefore you need a partner that keeps you updated and stay committed to you. You dont want to stay in the dark and pay for something that you can’t see or feel. We provide weekly updates to our customers with actual live numbers and figures. We also set up a fortnightly retrospective meeting with the clients either online or at our office to discuss the achievements of the campaign up to date and to review the business goals. 
  4. Affordability –  This is the least important one nevertheless it matters when you run a small business. You want to get the most from your investment and you need to make sure you are paying the market value for the service. Our prices are very reasonable in comparison to some of the fees that are being charged by some of the other established agencies in Australia. We beat any quote by 10% Australia wide, so if you want to give us a shot – click here. The quoting process is free and you get to ask as many questions as you like about the process. 


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