Website or Landing Page?

Website or Landing Page?

One of the most common questions that we get from our business hub members, is that why do they need a landing page when they have a website? Some of them are reluctant to develop one, even if it’s free for different reasons. Some believe that Landing pages can be confusing and it conflicts with their business branding. Others believe that a landing page is going to be just another website to look after, and it needs time that they don’t have.

While a Website is a critical part of a business and any organisation will need one to sustain in the current market, Landing pages provide a great opportunity for a particular service or product. Especially if the service is new or unique in its own way.

The Idea behind a landing page is to create an environment within your business branding that is completely dedicated to one product and that product only. Your nominated hero big seller product – Or in other words your business bread and butter. By doing that your products find a new dedicated identity on the web which helps with its presence and SEO performance in general.

A simple example of a landing page in a physical world would be going to a shoe store to buy a shoe instead of going to a department store. The department stores have shoes as well as entertainment goods and kitchen appliances. It is much easier to find a shoe that you want in a shoe store that is dedicated to shoes than a store that sells just about everything. Now imagine a shoe store that is dedicated to selling one shoe which is exactly what you want. Naturally, it feels right to buy from that shop as it seems dedicated to the product that you are after. You feel safer buying from them since they only sell one product so they must be good at it and the whole process seems a lot easier which is a big winning factor in today’s business world.

So if you have a new product or a service that you think it solve a particular problem, then do not wait another min, get a landing page done today.

Brissy offers a range of affordable landing page development services that can help you take your product to the next level.

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